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Curtis' Mission

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

At the airport

We showed up at the Salt Lake airport two hours before the flight. As it turns out that was not early enough. Curtis had no seat assignment from SLC to Atlanta but there were plenty of empty seats. Worse though was the situation in Atlanta. He had no seat assignment to Sao Paulo and the flight was over sold. If he doesn't get on his scheduled flight he will have to wait two and a half hours for the last flight of the day. I'm more concerned than he is.

Brianna is upset. She's crying. It's times like this that make you realize how close families are. I give her a hug a let her know it will be alright. Curtis told her he'd see her on Broadway when he gets home. She'll miss her brother.

One more picture, one more hug, and he's walking away. He turns and waves. We watch him go through the X-ray machine. The red lights flash. Take off your shoes. Now he's gone for two years. I miss him already.


  • Thanks for making me cry Stephen. Curtis is lucky to have such a caring dad and family. MOM

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:50 PM  

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