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Curtis' Mission

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Good Old Days

"You were talking about that pond by the Post Office. One time me and Zac and Jordan were floating on the raft, Zac with his fly pole out making art out of fishing, Jordan talking on his cell phone to Jessica, and me sitting back and looking up at the clouds, thinking of how cool life really is. And isn't it? One time at the pond Jordan fell off the raft into that water. I don't know if you saw the water up close but it is horrid. I think Jordy wanted to walk to the hospital afterwards to make sure he didnt have any life threating diseases. Also, one more funny Jordan Wilson/Post Office pond story. Once me and him caught a few catfish in that pond and put them in a bucket and took them to Jordans house. His dad, Tim, instantly gutted one and fried it up. We didn't know what to do with the others so we released them in Birch Creek. We made up a story of them mutating really huge and eating all the kids that play down at Glassman Park. Sweet huh?"

I asked Curtis about the pond by our house. Alyssa, Jaimie, and I took the dogs for a walk there one day. I have lived here for 17 years and have never been to the pond.


  • Hey it was nice to see the tape you guys made of the early X-mas call!! It´s funny to see that he is mixing portuguese with english sometimes.. That means he learned portuguese!!! :) Well i always come by to see all the stuff that is updated, and it is pretty cool to see that his family is always updated from everything that happens around here in brazil and his mission!!! ANyway i always come by i think i even wrote a coment before, but i never mentioned who i was.. i am Barbara living in brazil for 4 years since my family moved back from Provo Utah,I am brazilian though, i currently have a brother who attends BYU in Provo and i am moving to Provo in May to do the same, attend BYU. I haven´t met your son, but i live in the Ipiranga Stake which is the stake where we have the Sao paulo east mission in the Belem ward. anyways this website is really cool and the song is simply awesome!! I hope you guys had a great thanksgiving!! and now let X-mas come!! take care!!

    By Anonymous Barbara, at 1:55 PM  

  • Hey and i met Elder Stephens he is in my ward right now and he had lunch in my place today!! it was awesome we had this once in a lifetime lunch 5 missionaries over, something that never happened before ´cause we usually have only 2 over for lunch.. but it was cool!! and Elder Stephens is really funny and his portuguese is great even the slangs...hehehe... sorry one more coment here..i hope you don´t mind!!

    By Anonymous Barbara, at 3:01 PM  

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