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Curtis' Mission

Monday, March 20, 2006

Traveling To São José dos Campos

(click image to enlarge)

"We have had to travel everywhere for Elder Martins house secretary duties. We went to Sao Jose dos Campos on Thursday to look at some houses for the Elders of Vila Ema. Not only was it expensive to travel there (on the bus, like real missionaries) but it was raining and we were both tired when we got there. We took some buses, walked around blind for about 30 minutes, I bought a way sweet backpack for all my travel needs, and got all of our stuff resolved. We then had to travel home, ride the Metro and ended up getting home a little above, or past, the hour."

"Then this morning we went to the end of Sao Paulo, on our P-day, to inspect the worst house in the history of horrible houses. Then next Tuesday we have to go out to Taubate. It's gonna be the longest journey yet."

São José dos Campos is a municipality and a major city in the state of São Paulo, Brazil and one of most important industrial and research centers in Latin America.

It is located in the Vale do Paraíba (Paraiba Valley), between the two most active production and consumption regions in the country, São Paulo (80 km of distance) and Rio de Janeiro (320 km).

According to a 1999 UN study, São José dos Campos was rated one of the top 25 Brazilian cities for quality of life. With its high per capita income, long life expectancy and high level of infrastructure, São José dos Campos is a safe and secure city that offers a wide variety of stores and services.


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