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Curtis' Mission

Friday, April 14, 2006

Back In The USA?

"So here is a pretty interesting story. When we came down here we all recieved Ministerial Certificates, and mine had my middle name spelled wrong. Steven. Way off. So my group from the CTM went to renew their visas last week but I wasn't able to go. I found out it was because there was a problem in Brasilia with me. They didn't know if Curtis Steven Tonks and Curtis Stephen Tonks were the same person and they wouldn't release this paper. So what did I have to do. I had to go to the Consulate of the United States of America and sign some official documents and answer all these questions. And do you know what the US Consulate is? US SOIL! I was in the US this week. It was pretty cool. There were hundreds of Brazilians there who were trying to get into the United States. They all think that if they go there they are gonna be happy all of the sudden. But if you're sad here, your gonna be sad there, no matter what. But yeah, the Consulate was pretty off the hook."


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