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Curtis' Mission

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Hotchee Doggie

"Do you know you reminded me of when you talked about $7 hot dogs. $10 corn dogs from Disneyland! But those things are so good. Did you know that corn dogs don't exist down here. Pretty sad, huh? I am gonna buy some chicken wings today, luckily those exist."

Brazilian Hotdogs

Called the "hot dog completo" (pronounced hotchee doggie), it is typically eaten in buns with ketchup and mustard, but further covered in many regions with assorted fixings such as marinara sauce, cheese (including parmesean, requeijão, caitupiry, cheddar, etc.), corn niblets, canned peas, mashed potatoes, shoestring potatoes, quail eggs, among others. The bun is sometimes pressed in a panini machine to give a crunchy exterior with melted cheeses.


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