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Curtis' Mission

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Neighborhood

"We are going to go to the Sao Paulo Cultural Center today. It's like two minutes from our house on foot. We also live next to a famous hospital called the Beneficência Portuguesa. We live across the street from it."

Centro Cultural São Paulo was inaugurated on May 13, 1982 and it was initially conceived to shelter an extension of Biblioteca Mário de Andrade (Mario de Andrade's Library), but the project gained new dimensions and it transformed itself in one of the first venues for multidisciplinary culture in the country. Throughout the years CCSP became a support pole to experimental productions, a point for artists' encounter, a place for coexistence that gained the face of an extension of people's house. It receives 800 thousand users a year, a visitation comparable to the largest museums and cultural centers around the world.

Hospital Beneficência Portuguesa is considered one of the largest medical centers of Latin America. The hospital has great prominence in the areas of cardiac, neurological surgery and transplants.


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