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Curtis' Mission

Friday, February 11, 2005

First Letter From Brazil

Kirstin called me on the cell phone as I was driving home from work yesterday. A letter had come from Curtis. She wanted to open it. I told her to wait until I got home. I thought it was odd that she was excited because her and Curtis didn't seem very close. Maybe it was her curiosity. Or maybe she missed him too.

Curtis' companion is Elder Hirschi from Twin Falls, Idaho. He's older but cool. The other two missionaries in Curtis' room are Elder Shaw and Elder Ferguson, the kid we met at the airport. Curtis likes him. Their room is on the sixth (top) floor of the CTM (Center for Training Missionaries). There must be no elevator because Curtis' feet are killin' him by the end of the day. The food is not what was expected; rice and beans and fruit. I'm sure it will get better. Curtis and his companion walked up the street and got a "paste'l" - a cinnamon sugar scone filled with chocolate sauce, bananas, and strawberries. Sounds tasty.

Curtis is about five miles from Sao Paulo in Casa Verde. He says it's run down and full of crazy drivers and street vendors. But lots of shoe stores. He's already plannning on buying some new gym shoes. The humidity is high and it rains a lot. I'm not sure how Curtis feels but I'd rather be here in the cold and snow.

It's nice to know that he is at the CTM safe and sound. I wonder what he does during the day and what his thoughts are of the new place he's in. So big and different from where he came from. I sometimes wish that I could share with him what he is experiencing. But this is his mission, his adventure. I know this is the right thing for him to be doing. It will help him grow and prepare him for the rest of his life. I'm proud of him.

I'm waiting for the next letter...


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