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Curtis' Mission

Monday, April 25, 2005

Good Eatin' In Brazil

"I had a delicous cold salty pancake covered in rice, black beans, and sloppy joe sauce the other day. So, so delicous, seriously. And one more thing, tell everyone to go to the store, Albertson's or something, and buy Guarana. It's what I drink everyday; I have more of it than water. Warn future missionaries serving in Brazil of its delicousness and tell them to start getting used to it now. You as the family try some as well."

Guaraná (paullinea cupana) is a tropical plant with small red fruit with a high caffeine content. The people of the Amazon region in Brazil chew guaraná seeds as a source of energy or drink the powder dissolved in water. In the US, guaraná can be found in powdered form in health food stores. What most Americans don't know is that guaraná is also a very popular soft drink in Brazil. It tastes a bit like Cream Soda.


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