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Curtis' Mission

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Elder Pieper

"Last week was Elder Pieper's birthday on P-Day, and here is what we did. We started our journey at the Veranda Grill where we tried many, many flaming meats. At the Rodizio Grill they bring it out on big skewers, right? Well at the Veranda they bring it out on a hot tray and it just sits there and sizzles until we eat it. It was delicous and fattening. But don't worry, I'm staying in tip top shape. Then we got delicous ice cream from this place that was totally self serve and they charged you by weight. I got Ferror Rocher, and it was off the chain. Then we went home and decided not to clean our house, we just layed around and read a bunch of letters."


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