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Curtis' Mission

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Feliz Natal Curtis

"I hope you all have a merry little Christmas. It's not gonna be the same without all my friends and family around, but as long as we all remember the true meaning of Christmas it's gonna be OK. Then one day we will all reunite, drink gallons of egg nog and watch Home Alone 2: Lost in NY. I love that one. Thanks for all your support and remember the real Light that shines on us. Christmastime is the coolest, and I'm really merry right now. Again, I love you all. Be safe this Christmas."

I sent Curtis a Christmas package with lots of presents inside but I think he'll enjoy the photographs the most. There's lots of pictures of him and his friends and family. This is the first time that our family has been apart at Christmas. Curtis is in Brazil and I'm in Iraq. We will both miss our family this year. I'll be home for Christmas in 2006 but he won't. I miss him very much. It's hard to be away from the ones you love.


  • It really is a different X-mas but i bet that it will be unforgetable!!! We had for some hours ELder stephens and his companion over tonight, a night before X-mas and it was pretty fun.. we even got some pictures with them.. the traditoin here i different but X-mas is X-mas every where time for love, peace and to gather all the family!!! Merry Christmas to all!!

    By Anonymous Barbara, at 3:26 PM  

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