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Curtis' Mission

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Melissa Anderson

"Melissa Anderson is a way cool girl, she is my hero. She is so sincere and nice about things. She knows lots of my friends. She had a few classes with me, took me to a dance, took Detrick to a dance, worked with him and Brody at Hogi Yogi and is good friends with Jessica Junk. I wrote her an 8 page letter a few months ago. Long, but she writes me a lot and puts tons of good song lyrics in them. And tells me the latest - she is great. Melissa sent me a large package yesterday filled with tons of stuff. So if you see her tell her I send a hug. That sounds weird, send a hug, but in Portuguese you say "manda um abra├žo" and you can say it to anyone."


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