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Curtis' Mission

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Music In The Morning

"The rules have changed in Sao Paulo East. We can now listen to music every day in the morning, but the sad thing is that I only have three music tapes. Could you send me a few more, maybe of a mens choir and one of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir? It still has to be hymns, but now it's hymns...more often, which is quite sweet. There is a way cool hymn thats only in the Portuguese hymnbook called "Ide por todo o mundo" , #163, and if you can find it you should download it and listen to it. It's cool, really upbeat and about missionary work."

If anyone has an LDS music cassette tape that they can part with, I'm sure Curtis would like it. You can mail it to him or bring it to me and I will send it to him.

  • Music on cassette at DeseretBook.com

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