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Curtis' Mission

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Josh Jensen

Curtis' friend Josh returned home from his mission in Australia and spoke in church. I told Curtis about it. This is what he wrote back:

"So you got to see old Josh Jensen, eh? He is a cool dude. I have some funny memories of him. One time we were rafting on the Green River and there was some water coming into me, Detrick, Brody, and Royce┬┤s raft so Detrick grabbed this bucket and started bailing water out but he heard a rattling sound and then a splash! He didn't know what it was. It ended up being Josh's sunglasses. So Detrick didn't tell him for like 2 days, but then the guilt trip finally caught up to him and he confessed. Good one."

"Josh knows a ton about trucks, a lot more than normal people, so when we are talking about something pointless and lame, Brody used to always say, "Alright, enough about trucks, Josh!" even if Josh wasn't with us. Also, a good one. I love those guys."

(can somebody email me a picture of Josh?)


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