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Curtis' Mission

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Good Luck, Elder Stoddard

"Elder Stoddard, my most excellent of excellent companions goes home later on tonight. He is gonna call me right before he leaves and then he is out. But I will be seeing him soon. I was pretty bummed when I had to say goodbye, I think I even shed a tear or two, but he is going to go home and study and get his life going. He is honestly one of the best examples to me on the mission. Really happy, loves the work, and extremely good looks is what the mission field needs. And he had it. Good luck, Elder Stoddard."

"On Saturday night I went on my last division with my hero, Elder Stoddard. We started by going to the Radial Grill and eating at probably the best restaurant in our mission. It had meat galore - soups, salads, and a bunch of food from other countries. I had lasagna, sweet and sour sauce, spring rolls, filet mignon salad, fancy cheeses, two bottles of Soda Antartica (the brazilian Sprite ripoff) and a whole bunch of sushi. Elder Stoddard and I were literally doing dares on eating Wassabi. That junk is spicy!"

"Later on the division (the best ever) we made the rest of our funny tape I think I mentioned last week, talking about all the funny experiences we had as comps and much, much more, and the next night we said goodbye to all of our recent converts. I have never seen so many tears. It's so crazy how we touch people lives and change them, and good things must always end, and we all get sad. I will especially miss the Bolivians that we baptized. They are some of the greatest and kindest people I have met in Brasil."


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