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Curtis' Mission

Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Parable of the Bicycle

Curtis relates a story he read about the Atonement:

"A little girl, six years old, wants a bicycle and her dad told her to start saving her pennies and one day she would be able to buy a bicycle. Well, the father’s heart was touched very deeply when he recognized that his daughter was doing exactly what he told her, saving pennies. He decided to take her to the store and buy her the bicycle."

"Well, when they got to the store the little girl saw the perfect bicycle, but when she looked at the price her eyes welled up with tears. Her dad asked what was wrong, and she said she didn’t have enough money to buy the bicycle. The dad said, “Well, how much can you give?” The little girl responded, “Only sixty-one cents.” Then the dad said, “You have done your best, you give me what you have and a hug, and I will buy you the bicycle.” As they drove home the little girl happily rode the bicycle next to her dad’s car, and he said as he rode next to his daughter it made him think of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. "

"And then he ended with this quote that really, really touched me, “As I drove beside her, I thought of the atonement of Christ. We all desperately want the Celestial Kingdom. We want to be with our Father in Heaven. But no matter how hard we try, we come up short. At some point all of us must realize, “I can’t do this by myself. I need help.” Then it is the Savior that says, in effect, “All right, you’re not perfect. But what can you do? Give me all you have, and I’ll do the rest.” He still requires our best effort. We must keep trying. But the good news is that having done all we can, it is enough. We may not be personally perfect yet, but because of our covenant with the Savior, we can rely on his perfection, and his perfection will get us through."


  • That is a really good story.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:46 PM  

  • very inspiring. do you have another story?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:47 AM  

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