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Curtis' Mission

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Temple Dedications

"On Thursday I dedicated a member's house. That was kind of weird. We told them that we weren't so much dedicating the building as we were the people in it. They needed to be at their best for their house to have the Spirit of the Lord in it. Just like the Temple, if the Saints go to the Temple just for the food at the cafeteria, they are forgetting the whole meaning and the Temple is really of no value. People must be dedicated to the work that goes on inside the building, not the building itself. That could be wrong, but it's what I think is right."

A temple dedication is a supremely sacred ceremonial enactment in the Church, which consecrates the building to the Lord before the beginning of temple ordinance work. From the time of the dedication of the Kirtland Temple in 1836, one hundred twenty-four LDS temples have been dedicated.

  • LDS Temple Dedications

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