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Curtis' Mission

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Goodbye Elder Pieper

"I was sad to see my trainer, Elder Pieper go home to the great state of Kentucky, finishing his mission here in Sao Paulo. The mission is a little less without him. He was a cool dude and we had some good fun out in Cruzeiro, and you heard all about it. Well, not ALL about it, it would take volumes and volumes to contain our adventures. But they were all fun. I'm gonna miss his clever wit but when he is rocking down at BYU we are gonna hang out. I told him we will have a huge wrestling match before each BYU-Utah football game. It will be fun. He was such a cool companion and although I have told Elder Pieper about the millions of heroes I have, he is definately in the top 5 ever. I love that man dearly, I can't wait to see him again"

  • Click here to see some pictures of Elder Pieper

    • Farewell, Soldier Tonks,

      Serve with honor.

      With love,

      Elder Pieper

      By Anonymous Christian Pieper, at 9:52 AM  

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