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Curtis' Mission

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sao Paulo - "Quite The Sweet Town"

(click image for larger view)

"I was in Sao Paulo downtown again this week. It's quite the sweet town. I wish you all could come down and check it out with me at the end of January 2007. I never thought I would fall in love with millions of skyscrapers like I have, but I have."

Sao Paulo is located below the equator along Brazil's southeast edge. The Atlantic Ocean lies 59 miles east and Rio de Janeiro 266 miles north. Paraguay is directly west.

Sao Paulo rates as the third largest city in the world.

Population: 18 million
Elevation: 2,500 feet
Average Annual Rainfall: 53 inches
Average January Temperature: 70 degrees F
Average July Temperature: 58 degrees F
Major Industries: Coffee, Finance, Manufacturing
Electricity: 110-220 volts, 60 Hz; standard two-pin plug
Time Zone: GMT - 3
Country Code: 55
Area Code: 011
Language: Portuguese
Religion: majority Roman Catholic


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