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Curtis' Mission

Saturday, October 01, 2005

O Senhor Fala Inglês?

"Elder Hudson and I went on a split to record a CD for this English School down here in Guarulhos called Smart! So we thought it was gonna be like "Hey, you two, speak into this tape recorder!" But no, we were quite wrong, they paid for us to take a taxi to the studio, and it was someting out of like MTV Cribs or something, the house and the studio were so nice. We recorded about half the CD on the $2000 microphone and next Monday we are going back to record the rest. I'll get a copy and send it home so you can all hear my English skills. They are numerous."

Many Brazilians in various fields of work use English to correspond with other nationalities. The English language is neither the first or second language in this immense country, which is twice the size of Europe and has a population of 160 million inhabitants. However, millions of Brazilians use English as a foreign language and the country recognizes the importance of English as an international language.


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