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Curtis' Mission

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today Can Always Be Better, If You Make It...

"There is a missionary in my ward, who was feeling down about life and the mission. We had some fun times down here in the city. But he was unable to finish his time in Brazil and returned home early. This is part of a letter that I wrote to him."

I encourage you, as you go through the big change and changes that await you, remember that we, as humans, are going to experience change in our lives, such as high school graduation, college, going on a mission, and yes, going home early from that same mission, getting married. It’s always tough. I always picture Jesus Christ saying, “I never said it was going to be easy, I only said it would be worth it.” And it is. I am truly happy with what has happened in my life, and I know why I am here in São Paulo, and I have a very large amount of hope in the future.

Don’t ever lose hope, nor faith or charity. Remember what’s most important in your life, like your family. They are always there to help you. More importantly, the Lord is always on your side. Just remember, like it says in Ether 12:27, people have to come unto the Lord before he will ever show them their weakness. Then from there, he can turn that weakness into a strength, even a weapon in our hands for our fight against the world. Always turn to the Lord, go out to meet him, and he will help you out.


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