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Curtis' Mission

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Where Is Curtis Now?

Curtis in his fifth area now. It is called Jardim Camargo Novo and is on the northeast outskirts of the city of Sao Paulo.

He is as far from the office as he can be, but still be in the actual city of Sao Paulo. It's about a 1 hour train ride or so.

(click image for a larger view)

"I am the DISTRICT LEADER!!! It's quite the responsibility - I have to plan splits with the Elders in my district, do trainings every Monday in district meeting, just give my all to help the Jardim Camargo Novo District go uphill and start baptizing. In my district are two missionaries from my group: Elder Brown and Elder Freire. They will go home with me. Elder Martins, my old companion and one of my best companions, is also in this district. He was transferred here today as well. Elder Brown is training a new Brazilian named Elder Salles and that makes up our district. I am gonna try hard, put some force into it, and I know that all will end up well. Leaving Belem was kind of tough, I cant really explain but I wrote like a 3 page journal entry about Elder Stoddard and I's last division together on Saturday. We said goodbye to Valdira and the Bolivians who we have come to love so much. I can't even describe how I felt that night. It was like that song "Bittersweet Symphony" was playing in the back of my mind the whole night. It was, shall I say, very, very somber. But now he is headed back and I am headed up."


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