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Curtis' Mission

Monday, December 04, 2006

Missionary Work In The Ward

"So this week went a little better than last. We hung out with Luis Carlos Belo. His son ordered us milkshakes and we talked about football in their luxury hotel room while we waited for Luis to get home. His whole family speaks English and he is really cool. He's the best ward mission leader so far, and he has only been it for like two weeks."

In a letter dated February 28, 2002, the First Presidency announced that bishops and wards were being given increased responsibility for missionary work. The missionary manual "Preach My Gospel" also contains updated instructions on how full-time missionaries and ward and stake leaders coordinate their work.

Ward missionaries are called and released by the bishopric. They serve under the direction of the ward mission leader. The ward missionaries support missionary, retention, and activation efforts, including teaching with the full-time missionaries.

Ward missionaries may be priesthood holders, sisters, or married couples. They must meet the worthiness standards required for a temple recommend.

  • Missionary Work In The Ward

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