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Curtis' Mission

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My New Companion - Elder Staley

"Well, my new and last companion is from North Dakota. I have known him for a good while, ever since I was a secretary. When I was a secretary, I knew about 95% of the mission by name and a little more about them. But yeah, Elder Staley is cool. His dad is a military man and Elder Staley was born in California, moved to Idaho then to Colorado then to North Carolina then to Alaska then to Florida and back to North Carolina then to North Dakota then Utah for college at BYU and now his parents live in the south of Arizona. He converted his girlfriend to the church, which is awesome, and I am really going to enjoy my time with him. I'm just going to let him tell stories about all the sweet places he has lived. Surprisingly, he said the coolest was Alaska!"

"He was a district leader before he came here and has trained and speaks the language well but he is in for a ride here in Vila Mariana."


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