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Curtis' Mission

Monday, January 01, 2007

The Book Of Genesis

"I finally got done with my study of the Book of Genesis. I cannot even start to tell you all of the cool stuff that I learned. The Fall in Chapter 3 was probably the biggest learning experience of them all. I knew most of the stuff but thanks to Joseph Fielding Smith and my Old Testament study manual I learned at least 5 times as much as I used to know. I love the story of Joseph of Egypt as well, talk about someone who was always protected by Lord. When I get home, you can all come over and I will teach you the beginning of the Bible like it has never been taught before."

Book of Genesis - In the Beginning...

The Book of Genesis is the "Book of Beginnings" in the Bible. Genesis, Greek for "Origins", recounts the Creation of all things in six literal 24-hour days, the Fall of Mankind and the Curse, the subsequent Worldwide Marine Cataclysm (Noah's Flood), the Dispersion at Babel, and finally the birth of the Jewish Nation. Together, these events cover roughly 2,370 years of Earth's history. The Book of Genesis is divided into two principal sections: (i) Chapters 1-11 covers the Creation to the Dispersion and (ii) Chapters 12-50 covers the birth of Israel, from the calling of Abram (Abraham) until the death and burial of his great grandson Joseph in Egypt.


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