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Curtis' Mission

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Sistine Chapel

"Elder Jones and I were talking the other day about something that has been kind of bothering us the last few weeks. We think that a lot of the people we teach know we are telling them the truth but they have a little bit of pride, sadly, and won't accept it, even though they know it will make their lives so much happier."

"Elder Wright, the AP, told us it was a lot like the Sistine Chapel ceiling painting by Michelangelo. It was dark and gray and really sad and people spent their whole lives writing essays and earning PHDs and studying the mere fact that the painting was dreary and makes life look miserable."

"Then one day the workers at the Sistine Chapel decided to clean the ceiling of the gunk and wax that had built up over the hundreds of years and started to reveal the bright oranges and reds and yellows that the painting really consisted of. The people who spent their whole lives studying it were infuriated and sued for them to stop, saying they were ruining the painting and it's meaning, when in fact the painting showed that life is happy and lovely and beautiful but the people became prideful and wouldn't accept it. That's kind how it is here sometimes with some of the people we teach, sadly enough. I hope you all understood that."


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