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Curtis' Mission

Sunday, January 28, 2007

O Fim da Missao

After two years spent in Brazil, Curtis has returned home from his LDS mission. I received a letter from his mission president a few days prior to his return. I would like to quote a small part of the letter.

"Our hearts are filled with joy as we imagine that wonderful picture in our minds, of a missionary returning home with honor after a period of full dedication to missionary work. We know that our Father in Heaven is pleased with him. Your son has just completed a great and challenging part of his life; he overcame great challenges and exceeded his own limitations. You will see how much he has progressed in the last two years."

I have indeed seen the change in Curtis. He has grown spiritually as well as intellectually and emotionally. He is now at a point in his life where anything is possible. I don't know what the future might hold for him but I am confident that he now has the ability to achieve anything he wants to. I am very proud of him.

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