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Curtis' Mission

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Feelin' Trunky

"Well, I wouldn't be so trunky if everyone didn't say to me every five minutes, oh Elder Tonks, don't you go home in like 17 days and then I have to correct them and say, no that's 15 days, nice try. I really feel like I am taking crazy pills with all the reminders that missionaries, members, President Wilkins, and others are throwin' out...."


Homesick. Refers to the act of sitting on one's packed trunk, eagerly looking forward to the day when one's mission will end.


In mission parlance, to be released from one's mission and return home; e.g., "I hope I die here in Babylonville, Elder. I'd hate to have to adjust to a whole new area before going home."

Derived by analogy with the process in LDS theology whereby spirits leave their premortal existence, are born physically and die on earth, then return to the spirit realm to await resurrection and judgment.

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