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Curtis' Mission

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Elder Borland

"This is Elder Borland. He lives with me and is the coolest thing since canned peaches. Even though he likes rap (50 Cent and Jay Z mostly), the Denver Broncos, and other stuff that I don't like, he is still a cool kid. We talk a lot about professional wrestling, rap and its crapiness, and things of that nature. He is from Highland Ranch, Colorado, right near Denver. We throw up the "Rock" (a Jay Z thing) and also speak like the other Rock, the wrestler/actor/all around cool guy. So yeah, Borland, he's the man, if ya smell what Elder Tonks is cookin'."

February 8, 2006
"We had conference last week and I got to hang out with Elder Borland one last time before he heads back to Colorado and eventually to Weber State to play basketball. You'll have to keep an eye out for him."


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