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Curtis' Mission

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Happy 20th Birthday Curtis!

"Hey Dad,

I talked Elder Walker into letting us come back to the email place to do email so I could send you one telling you and the family thanks for the presents. Everyone was impressed that you wrapped them and whatnot. I love the Jesus the Christ book. It will be good to read, so informative and spiritual, but I probably won't read it until I hit my 1 year mark because I'm studying a bunch of other stuff, including that Pearl of Great Price manual. Thanks for that. Also, right now I am wearing my Docker socks and have already started the family a tape with the Sony recorder, which is at least 8 times cooler than the GE one that I had. The rewind button on the old one always fell off. Also, the Ute blanket, quite fantastic. I spread it out on my bed and folded up the mission blanket that everyone gets and put it away, not planning to use it again. The Ute blanket is so gosh darn soft, I love it. Its warm just to lay on top. On Saturday, the actual bday, the Elders in the house and I are gonna make french toast, eggs and biscuits and gravy. We are gonna have to rough the biscuits because I don't know how to make them. But it will be cool. We read the 1985 Book all the way through as a group, then I think Elder Walker and Borland each took a turn reading it. The Isaiah and the Book of Mormon tapes will be good, I just read that part of the Book of Mormon in 2nd Nephi that has the Isaiah chapters, and it's impossible for me to understand without some kind of outside help. But yeah, I think I will send the family a few tapes a week from tomorrow or the Thursday after. I LOVE YOU Dad, thanks for the package. It will be weird to turn 20, but hey, I'm here in Brazil doing something that will give me a major boost when I get home and I'm glad for it. Plus, I learn something new and cool everyday, from Portuguese to how people skills work, how to sell something to someone, although what we have to give is free and the greatest thing a person could ever accept. Dad, I love you and I hope you and the family have a good one. Tell everyone Hey Hey at Grandmas big suprise party and tell old Gramps happy bday. Im thinking of you all and love you all dearly. Your all the coolest. Keep on Rockin' in the Free World for me. I love you...again...and forever. See ya all later (if more than one person reads this). Bye Bye.

Elder Curtis Tonks"


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